Nike Innovation Arena

Whilst shooting "Alter Ego" I became a little obsessed with the idea of putting the subjects into the video games that they were so in love with. Initially as an alternate way of executing that project, but then as a project on its own. It was the first idea I'd had which would cost a truly catastrophic amount of money to execute (at the time there were no photogrammetry rig vendors). To cut a long story short, I took a demo of some photogrammetry assets, in a realtime Unity project, to Neville Wakefield. He and I punted it around some of the fashion and sportswear companies in New York and Portland, in 2010. Two years later, this was the outcome, designed by Neville and myself, project managed by Alex Czetwertynski, with scanning by Lee Perry Smith. The idea was simple- to allow the audience to explore the product and athletes wearing the product, in 3D, in a game engine.

This was my first interactive and during the development, much to my amazement, I discovered a love for programming. I started off by diving into the online courses offered by Stanford university: Initially CS106a and CS106b and then algorithms, AI and all that good stuff swiftly followed. Every single course they offer is available, in it's entirety, on YouTube and on class sites! An intense but extraordinarily fun time of accelerated learning and discovery.